Our Guarantee

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Pompton Lakes, our one and only goal is to keep our customers happy and completely satisfied with our work. We are proud to be considered one of the top plumbing service providers in Pompton Lakes, NJ, and we will continue to provide prompt and friendly plumbing services to all residents in the area. Our customers are our priority, and we are committed to exceeding their expectations at every turn!

Customer Satisfaction Promise 

Our warranties and guarantees are proof that we value and stand behind the quality of our work every day. We only bring in the best, most experienced plumbers and technicians, and we use only the highest quality tools and plumbing materials. We never take shortcuts! Our technicians are considerate, friendly, and drug-free, and their techniques are guaranteed state-of-the-art!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Guarantees

Time – We have always respected our customers’ valuable time, so we guarantee prompt and professional plumbing services no matter what.

Honesty – We are always straightforward and courteous to our customers, vendors, and employees. We value our integrity as much as you value yours, and we are as good as our word!

Lawful Practices – We never do anything without complete respect for and adherence to the laws, ordinances, and regulations set down for our industry at the federal, state, municipal, and county levels. We also practice legal financial and accounting methods, guaranteeing that all our dealings are purely above-board!

Quality – Our high-quality tools, plumbing materials, and overall services exhibit our commitment to excellence. We provide design, installation, maintenance, and repair services in accordance with the laws and industry standards.

Safety  – We keep a safe, clean, reputable, and respectable workplace that reflects the immutable standards of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brand.

Collaboration – Teamwork is essential for every plumbing service we perform, and each team member is supported along the way to keep the brand strong and build lasting relationships.

Customer Service – We provide top-quality customer service for every job to ensure our customers’ full satisfaction and encourage them to trust us with other plumbing services in the future.

Respectfulness – We treat everyone and everything, from our customers and their homes to our employees and other professionals in the industry, with the utmost consideration and respect.

Privacy – When we are working in your home, we are always respectful of your privacy and limit our noise whenever we can!

Fair Competition – We advertise and market our services honestly and fairly. Competition is essential in the plumbing industry, and we always play by the rules!