Our Emergency Plumbing Services Come to Your Rescue

Disasters and emergencies are always more severe when there’s no time or warning to help you prepare for them. Plumbing emergencies can be a nuisance at best and are dangerous at their worst. 

Unless the situation is life-threatening, you wouldn’t typically call 911 for a plumbing emergency, but here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Pompton Lakes, we’re a bit like the plumbing version of 911, because we’re on-call 24/7. Our 24-hour service is available in Bergen County, Morris County, and Passaic County, NJ. Here are some of the emergency repairs and plumbing services our contractors can help you with:

Broken Pipes

A broken pipe (also known as a burst pipe) can lead to all kinds of problems. The most obvious is the first sign you’ll probably notice, the symptom that tips you off that you have a burst pipe in the first place: leaks from your ceiling, walls, or floors. But there can be hidden damage too, from mold to damaged insulation and wiring to rotted-out structural materials.   

Most broken pipes result from freezing; a frozen pipe may burst at any second. Not only do we repair pipes that have already broken, but we also help prevent future bursts by installing a type of electrical wire, called heat tape, that keeps pipes warm to prevent freezing.


While we’re on the subject of leaks, we should tell you that leaks can originate from other problems besides burst pipes. These include clogs, rust, excess water pressure, or intruding tree roots.

Failed Sump Pumps

The moment your sump pump fails, your property, especially your basement, is in peril. Flooding is the result of a broken sump pump; besides wasting gallons of water, flooding can damage your basement and the items you keep stored there. The sooner the flooding is stopped, the less expensive the damage, so don’t hesitate to call.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs can prevent toilets from flushing and sinks and showers from draining. Needless to say, that can be a pretty big problem in any home. Our plumbers have the solution, though: drain jetting and drain cleaning. 

Whether your clog is the result of grease, hair, soap scum, or something else, this pressurized system is like a power-washer for drains, and is sure to get your home up and running again.

Heating Repairs

There’s a wide range of heating-related equipment we repair, including gas-fired hydronic heating systems, gas valves, expansion tanks, and thermostats. Our heating repairs specialties also include high-efficiency boilers and water heaters and hot water baseboard and steam radiators.

Water Heater Repairs

Regardless of whether your water heater is tankless or has a tank, you depend on it daily, so when it needs repair, your lifestyle screeches to a halt. Besides the major inconvenience, waiting for water heater repairs wastes gallons of water.

24-Hour Responsive Plumbers in NJ

There are many plumbing contractors in Bergen County, Morris County, and Passaic County, but when homeowners need 24/7 emergency service, they know who to call. 

We’re here for all your plumbing needs, so don’t wait for an emergency to happen. Call us today!