Professional Sewer Services For Your New Jersey Property

Your sewer lines are an essential component of your plumbing system. They are responsible for transporting household waste away from your home and into your local sewage system. Let’s face it — dealing with sewer lines isn’t typically a voluntary activity, especially when your pipes burst or leak. Don’t burden yourself with attempting to tackle this very unpleasant, stressful situation. If you need installations or repairs or  replacements for your pipes, leave it to Bergen County’s most sought-after plumbing company — Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Pompton Lakes!

Our expert contractors work with homes and businesses in Passaic County to protect their sewer lines, saving our residential and commercial customers both time and money on repairs and replacements.

Sewer Line Services For Your New Home

If you’re building a new home, you’re taking the steps to ensure everything is completed correctly. After all you want to move in with no issues. Partner with our expert plumbers to correctly install your sewer line. Since the risk associated with a blocked sewer line is so great, however, many homeowners choose to schedule an annual sewer line inspection to ensure that the important sewer line is secure and free of clogs. 

Explore our protection plans to make clear sewer lines an annual guarantee.

Why Are You Experiencing Sewer Line Issues?

Just like any other issue in your house, the need for sewer line repair can be an inconvenience you want to remedy right away. Knowing what causes sewer pipe damage can help protect your home in Morris County, NJ. While there are many reasons for sewer pipe issues, some common causes include:

Extreme Weather Conditions — Inclement weather such as excessive rain, high winds, and extreme temperatures can cause the ground to shift. This impact to the ground around your pipes can cause them to collapse and burst open.

Tree Roots — Naturally, tree roots continue to grow outward, always in search of their next dose of nutrients. If tree roots discover a pipe that has even the slightest leak, they’ll wrap themselves around the pipe, inevitably crushing it.

While this may seem like a horrible possibility, the situation actually can get much worse if the tree roots begin to make their way inside of the pipes. This can lead to further damage, leaks, and even clogs.

Old Pipes Over time, your pipes will begin to wear down — not only the pipes inside your home, but your outdoor sewer lines, as well. Old, worn-down pipes may begin to deteriorate, causing them to crack and leak.

Homeowner Damage DIY enthusiasts will often take home renovations into their own hands, especially landscaping. Fat too often, homeowners will begin their project without checking which pipes are underground. Blindly digging beneath the soil can lead to pipe bursts.

Sewer Pumps & Grinders

This hardware assists your sewer system in two separate ways. First, if your home uses a septic tank or is downhill from the main sewer, sewer pumps send your sewer where it belongs. Secondly, the built-in grinder, breaks down waste, reducing the risk of a main sewer line blockage. Unfortunately, If your sewer pump or grinder breaks down, your sewage won’t reach the sewer or septic tank. Instead the sewage will spill out into your yard or your basement—disgusting! A sewer pump failure can prove just as inconvenient and unsanitary as main sewer line blockage. Bring us out to diagnose and repair your sewer pump or grinder. 

Also, to ensure that issues like this do not happen again, we can discuss your options and install the hardware on the spot. If your outdated sewer pump & grinder is proving unreliable, we can replace it with a reliable new model — ensuring you never lose crucial sewer pump service.

Rest Assured When You Hire a True Plumbing Professional

If your main sewer line is damaged or disconnected, our professional repair team will fix the problem. Since this involves excavating a small portion of your yard to reach the sewer line, you can’t afford to trust this job to anyone but an expert equipped with elite technology. 

When you hire any professional, it’s common to mistake, and even accept, good service as great service. At some point, however, you’ll come across professionals that set a new and improved standard for customer service — and that’s where our contractors come in. From start to finish, our knowledgeable plumbers will thoroughly inspect your sewage lines and keep you informed every step of the way. 

So if you’re looking for a true professional to repair your pipes in Passaic County, look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Pompton Lakes.  We will ensure that the repair happens quickly with as little disruption as possible, and that it is 100% correct the first time.

Get Expert Sewer Services in Morris County

Since a main sewer line emergency can be costly and disrupt daily life, many homeowners choose to keep their sewer lines in top shape with annual sewer line inspections. Our expert plumbers use advanced pipe camera technology to inspect your sewer line, ensuring it is secure, correctly connected, and free of potential clogs. Explore our protection plans to make clear sewer lines an annual guarantee.

However, if your sewer line is blocked for any reason, raw sewage can invade your house through every drain, including your sink and shower, exposing you and your family to E.coli, salmonella, and other dangerous pathogens.

Don’t risk a sewer backup in your residential or commercial location in Bergen County, NJ. Call our 24/7 emergency services helpline to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers! They can explain, discuss, and provide you with options on this crucial plumbing issue

Our plumbers are available, day or night, to come to the rescue when you have a main sewer line emergency. We inspect, diagnose, and clear main sewer lines — and then keep them clear, guaranteed.  Contact us to handle your sewer line emergency!

Main Sewer Lines

Our sewer line experts will clear your main sewer line - guaranteed.

Sewer Line Installation & Repair

Our team can install new sewer lines plus provide expert trenchless or traditional repairs.

Sewer Line Inspections

The technology to locate sewer line blockages or provide you peace-of-mind.

Sewer Pipes

Our expert plumbers will clear your sewer pipe and keep it clear.

Sewer Pumps & Grinders

For your sewer pumps and grinders, our experts handle installation, repair, and maintenance.